Custom Alexa Skill with JavaScript – Part 1

Recently I starting messing around with Alexa Custom Skills. I created a Custom Alexa Skill with JavaScript that is a basic Grocery List app that allows you to create grocery lists with Alexa (Amazon Echo unless you have Alexa running on your own device). I chose a shopping list because it allowed me to get […]

const Declarations – Undertstanding ES6

No TL;DR Required 🙂 const Declarations So the next easy introduction to some ES6 properties are const declarations. const declarations are equivalent to var DONTCHANGEME = “foo” in ES5. When I say equivalent I mean in idea not behavior. The var syntax and variables created with var can be assigned and re-assigned at any time. […]

Submitting a New Directive to Angular

Click here for TL;DR Recently I embarked on the task of submitting a new directive to angular js. I am involved in several open source projects and am familiar with the process of contributing but I wasn’t ready for the carefully contstructed contribution process to Angular. I thought I’d get out a quick post about […]

ERROR ITMS-90035 When Submitting Ionic App to App Store

There are several good tutorials out there for the steps needed to send your app off to the app store. What I want to focus on are some specific issues that I ran into. This post will be a short one about a very specific problem I ran into, ERROR ITMS-90035. No TL;DR required 🙂 […]