Click Here for TL;DR Recently I needed to use Twitter's REST API for a project. I was building a web app with JavaScript using AngularJS framework. I am not a back end developer so my projects end up using a combination of BaaS (Back End As A Service) software like Firebase and utilizing node.js environment. So my question was "How do I use the Twitter API with JavaScript?"

Using Twitter API with JavaScript

On Twitter's website they list some libraries for leveraging their API. Under javascript/node you can find @BoyCook's Twitter JS Client. This is a useful library for using node.js to access Twitter's API. What I wanted to do was walk you through setting up your node/express environment to utilize BoyCook's Twitter JS Client so that you can access Twitter's API effortlessly with your client side application.

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API Helper with AngularJS and RESTful Endpoints

Okay our short break from new posts is over! With this post I want to talk about integrating your AngularJS SPA with RESTful APIs and best practices. RESTful APIs For a quick overview on RESTful APIs. Perhaps you have been involved in a project or working on one alone where integration with the back-end of your app is done via endpoints. Angular offers the $httpProvider which allows you to easily make XHR requests and handle success and error callbacks. Click here for more on Angular's $httpProvider.