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const declarations

const Declarations – Undertstanding ES6

No TL;DR Required 🙂

const Declarations

So the next easy introduction to some ES6 properties are const declarations. const declarations are equivalent to var DONTCHANGEME = "foo" in ES5. When I say equivalent I mean in idea not behavior.

The var syntax and variables created with var can be assigned and re-assigned at any time. In ES6 the “read-only” nature of const declarations is respected and enforced Continue reading

let declarations

let Declarations – Understanding ES6

No TL;DR Required 🙂

I recently got back from attending AngularU in San Francisco. One of the best parts about going to community conferences like this is getting fired up about programming. There was a lot of information that I soaked up while in SF. It also became very clear that there is a lot that I need to learn if I want to keep up with the front end development community. One of those things is Ecma Script 6, ES6, or ES 2015 (it’s being called a lot of things).

So I decided to write blog articles as I start learning different pieces of ES6. This is the first in a series and will be about let declarations. Continue reading